We are an agile and experienced team focused on networks, cybersecurity, and business applications.  We have operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia and cater to customers in 6 continents.  Our range of clients includes single-person startups to Fortune 500 as well as large operators. 

Our engineering team specializes in design, migration, and troubleshooting with global 24/7 support availability.  


Some of our usual customers include Service Provider (WISP And Wireline), Enterprise (Campus, Branch and Data Center), Data Center (Cloud, Co-Location, Private).  

Our expertise includes but is not limited to BGP, MPLS, MPLS TE, OSPF, RIP, Policy Routing, Routing Failover, and High Availability.  Our usual run-ins with switching include VLAN (q-in-q, s/c tag, rewrite/translation), spanning tree, lacp & bonding, GPON, layer 2 transport design, layer 2 redundancy.  


Wireless contracts include Fixed commercial broadband (Licensed, Unlicensed, and LTE/WiMAX) Enterprise (Campus and Branch) Event (Stadium and Large venue).  


As far as network and cybersecurity, we have a wide range of experience with Firewall, Mangle, DDoS prevention/Mitigation, IPS/IDS, IPSEC, Tunnel design and deployment, Incident Response, Compliance & Audit, Penetration Testing, Security monitoring, Virtual CISO, 24X7 SOC, and more.

Our clients often seek our opinion for projects such as Hotspot, QoS (CoS,EXP Bit,DSCP), IPTV and real time 2-way video, VoIP (office, retail, operator), EoIP, PPtP/SStP, PPPoE, OpenVPN


Management Board


Over 20 years of top leadership positions in innovative technology companies and strives for excellence.


Teaching position at leading universities, top trainer recognition, technology guru and a very involved leader.


Asieh has shined as a leader in mission-critical operations for many years and loves a challenge.


Vast engineering background combined with project leadership as well as anything technology.

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