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Business Team

We are an agile and experienced team focused on networks, cybersecurity, and business applications.  We have operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia and cater to customers in 6 continents.  Our range of clients includes single-person startups to Fortune 500 as well as large operators. 

Our engineering team specializes in design, migration, and troubleshooting with global 24/7 support availability.  


Some of our usual customers include Service Provider (WISP And Wireline), Enterprise (Campus, Branch and Data Center), Data Center (Cloud, Co-Location, Private).  

Our expertise includes but is not limited to BGP, MPLS, MPLS TE, OSPF, RIP, Policy Routing, Routing Failover, and High Availability.  Our usual run-ins with switching include VLAN (q-in-q, s/c tag, rewrite/translation), spanning tree, lacp & bonding, GPON, layer 2 transport design, layer 2 redundancy.  


Wireless contracts include Fixed commercial broadband (Licensed, Unlicensed, and LTE/WiMAX) Enterprise (Campus and Branch) Event (Stadium and Large venue).  


As far as network and cybersecurity, we have a wide range of experience with Firewall, Mangle, DDoS prevention/Mitigation, IPS/IDS, IPSEC, Tunnel design and deployment, Incident Response, Compliance & Audit, Penetration Testing, Security monitoring, Virtual CISO, 24X7 SOC, and more.

Our clients often seek our opinion for projects such as Hotspot, QoS (CoS,EXP Bit,DSCP), IPTV and real time 2-way video, VoIP (office, retail, operator), EoIP, PPtP/SStP, PPPoE, OpenVPN

About: Services

Management Board



Over 20 years of top leadership positions in innovative technology companies and strives for excellence.



Teaching position at leading universities, top trainer recognition, technology guru and a very involved leader.

At the Office


Asieh has shined as a leader in mission-critical operations for many years and loves a challenge.

At the Office


Vast engineering background combined with project leadership as well as anything technology.

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